Dr. med. Thomas Heddäus

Education and Career

Dr. med. Thomas Heddäus

Dr. Heddäus completed his education at the grammar school with Abitur and Latin. Then followed the training and work as a paramedic at the German Red Cross (DRK) in Frankfurt am Main. During his subsequent studies of medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz-based, he held various study visits, including abroad in Accra/Ghana, Valencia/Spain, Solothurn and Bern/Switzerland.

At the University of Mainz he received his PhD. Followed by clinical work, Dr. Heddäus gathered fold cross-sector experience, among others in orthopedics, trauma and visceral Surgery, internal medicine, intensive care medicine and geriatrics. Subsequently, Dr. Heddäus worked in a Frankfurt general practice. During this time he qualified as sports and nutrition expert, emergency doctor and learned the art of acupuncture.

With the wide range of experience gained, Dr. Heddäus took over the existing general care practice of his father, Dr. Manfred Heddäus in January 2011.

Qualified treatment of elite athletes and professional teams

As an experienced and sought-after specialist for sports medicine Dr. Thomas Heddäus has been looking after the football club FSV Frankfurt 1899 in the 2nd Bundesliga as team doctor from 2007 to 2015. In 2011 he took over the medical care of the hockey club SC 1880 Frankfurt in the 1st Bundesliga (men) and 2nd Bundesliga (ladies).

Whether elite athletes or hobby athletes, Dr. Heddäus has already won his excellent specialist expertise trusted by athletes of all performance classes.

Dr. med. Thomas Heddäus disposes of the following additional qualifications: sports medicine, emergency medicine, preventive medicine and acupuncture. In addition, he was awarded the following awards:

  • Certificate " nutritional medicine " of the DGEM

  • A diploma Acupuncture

  • Expertise " Emergency Medical Services "

  • Expertise " Sports Medicine "

  • Expertise " Radiation Protection "

  • Certificate " Sports Medicine and lactate performance diagnostics " the DGSP

  • Sports Medicine degree from the DGSP

  • Certificate " Preventive and anti-aging medicine " of GSAAM