Alternative treatments in Frankfurt am Main

Alternative Heilmethoden

Alternative medicine can be of great use for the treatment of everyday complaints as well as chronic diseases, because it is often more gentle than conventional medicine. Many methods of alternative medicine have little or no side effects.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend our alternative medicine treatments in the field of preventive medicine. This works out extremely well in combination with or without the influence of conventional medicine.

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture has firmly established itself over the past decades as a highly efficient therapy, with only little side effects. Depending on the indication body and / or ear acupuncture and permanent acupuncture needles are applied. We recommend our patients both acupuncture for the treatment of diseases as well as preventive measure.

  • Orthomolecular Medicine: Center of orthomolecular medicine is the analysis and high dosage of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, both for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Lack of supply of these micronutrients can lead to increased susceptibility for infections, (sports) injuries, disruption of hormones and chronic congestion symptoms. After analysis and discussion of the findings, we provide you with the substitution composition of micronutrients individually tailored to your special needs.

  • Homeopathy and Naturopathy: We complement the treatment individually with homeopathic and / or naturopathic drugs and therapies.

  • Kinesiotaping: known from competitive sports, used in a variety of ailments, including muscle and joint pain

  • Autohaemotherapy is very effective especially for strenghtening of the immune system (with susceptibility to infections), allergies or allergy pitch, or a variety of chronic diseases

  • Infusion therapy: We apply infusion therapy for immune strengthening, for body exhaustion, for infections and tendency to infections, after surgeries, etc . We are more than happy to create your own individual infusion schedule after orthomolecular clarification.

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