Performance Overview of practice Bornheim

Leistungsübersicht und Labor

To give you an overview of what we offer, we have listed the most important of our examinations and technical possibilities. These include among others:

Medical diagnostics and therapies

  • Family medicine practice (see also here)

  • Check ups and preventive medicine (see also here)

  • Sports medicine and performance optimization (see also here)

  • Stress testing and health management (see also here)

  • Alternative healing methods (see also here)

  • Infusion therapy (see also here)

  • Medical travel advice and -vaccanination

  • Diving medical examinations

  • Examinations for insurance companies and government agencies (life insurance, private health insurance, etc.)

  • Aptitude tests (such as sports and occupational fitness examinations, etc.)


Instrumental methods of examination

Our practice is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. Here you will find a selection in this regard.

  • Resting ECG

  • Exercise ECG (ergometry)

  • Pulmonary function testing (spirometry)

  • Pulse oximetry

  • Long-term ECG measurement

  • Long-term blood pressure measurement

  • Long-term heart rate variability measurement (HRV)

  • Ultrasound (sonography) of the abdomen, of the thyroid gland, etc.


Due to our cooperation with several laboratories and specialized laboratories, we can conduct almost all laboratory testing with a comprehensive diagnosis (blood, urine, saliva and stool). These are, for example:

  • Traditional laboratory parameters (blood count, all organ values, immune status, blood lipids, electrolytes, electrophoresis, etc.)

  • Tumor markers

  • M2-PK stool-test/screening for the early detection of colorectal tumors and polyps

  • Hormone status

  • Stress hormones (cortisol, serotonin, adrenaline etc.)

  • Orthomolecular medicine (see also here)

  • Vitality diagnostics (micronutrient analysis, amino acid status, Mitochondrial medicine, oxidative / nitrosative stress, vitamin status, etc.)

  • Testing of the energy metabolism

  • microbiological studies

  • Allergy testing (RAST)

  • Testing for environmental pollutants (heavy metals, molds, etc.)

  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, hepatitis, etc.)

  • Review of vaccine titers (measles, rubella, etc.)

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