Check-up and preventive care in Frankfurt am Main

Check-up und Präventivmedizin

In effect, everyone knows: prevention is better than cure. Especially in today's fast moving and stressful time we overcharge our bodies and demand maximum performance from them. In addtion to this, time pressure, stress, poor eating habits, smoking and alcohol, lack of physical exercise weaken our bodies even more.

Since our body is a master of disguise, he tries to hide discomfort, which may indicate diseases so well, that we continue to work – until it develops severe diseases.

Do not wait until it is too late!

Many diseases and their risk factors can be revealed by screening tests, even if they so far have not let to any physical disorder yet. We are specialized in the detection of these risks and the early detection of diseases, so that we can keep them from turning into serious diseases.

Keeping this in mind, we create together with you a tailor-made program for you.

In a personal interview your medical history, family history and any symptoms can be revealed. A comprehensive physical examination and a detailed laboratory testing (blood, urine and sputum analysis) shed light on all organ functions. The check is complemented by instrumental tests, such as resting and exercise ECG, pulmonary function, ultrasound of abdominal organs and thyroid, as well as highly specialized methods such as the long-term HRV measurement. In a detailed final interview findings and your personal risk profile are explained and possibilities to counter these risks will be discussed. If necessary, the diagnosis or treatment will be extended. Benefit from our years of experience! If needed, we benefit from our excellent, professional medical and non-medical network.


Meanwhile, it is no secret that a large proportion of health costs can be avoided through preventive medical examination. Therefore, private health insurances generally cover the costs of these check-ups.

Unfortunately, many useful examinations are not covered by the public health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenkassen). As part of the so-called Check Up-35 the following services are covered by the public health insurances: cholesterol and blood sugar determination, a urine screening test, a physical exam. We offer you the opportunity to do more for your health. We are more than happy to inform you about our additional services.

Meanwhile, some public health insurances cover cardiovascular checks and sports medicine services as a goodwill gesture. Should you have any questions please contact your health insurance directly and look at our page for sports medicine services.

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