Sports medicine and performance optimization in Frankfurt am Main

Sportmedizin und Leistungsoptimierung

We want to support you in staying healthy. Sport also plays an important role here, because sport is beneficial to our health and thus, promotes your wellbeing.

For both the recreational athlete as well as for the professional athletes, it is important to determine individually, what level and what kind of exercise is appropriate for oneself. With many years of experience in the care of athletes (including Bundesliga, Olympians) we can support you in a professional way to reach your aims.

Sports Medical services:

Our service is aimed at beginners, recreational athletes and high performance athletes and includes the following:

  • Comprehensive sports medicine examination of all sports according to guidelines of the DGSP (German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention) to clarify the health condition and assessment of resilience.

  • Diving Medical Examination Required under GTÜM (German Society for diving and hyperbaric medicine)


Performance optimization:

  • Specially tailored to athletes analysis of micronutrients, amino acids, energy metabolism, oxidative stress, vitamine status, etc and eventually individual substitution

  • Long-term measurement of HRV (heart rate variability) for monitoring training and recovery periods / regeneration to improve your effectiveness

  • Performance tests (lactate measurement, cardiopulmonary exercise testing) and subsequent, individual training plans based on your personal aims (in cooperation with partners)

  • sport-related nutritional counseling (in cooperation with partners)


If you are a professional athlete or team and should you be interested in an individual and comprehensive care please contact us.


Reimbursement of sports medical examinations:

Private health insurance companies reimburse for these costs in general. So far, public health insurances unfortunately did not cover the cost of preventive examinations. Nevertheless, the insurance companies now participate increasingly in screening. It is well-know that a large proportion of health costs can be avoided by preventive examinations.

The following public health insurances partly cover the arising costs (click on the name of the insurance for more information):

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK)


BKK Mobil Oil

BKK vor Ort

Please contact your public health insurance and supplementary private insurance companies for more information about coverage.

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