Stress medicine

Stress medicine

"Stress - the handcuffs around your heart." (Helmut Qualtinger)

Stress Synonyms: tension, strain, pressure, hardship, trouble ... confronting yourself with this list of synonyms, you automatically feel anxiety. You can literally feel how only these words and thoughts of a stress automatically put your body in a state of alert. Fight or flight, these are the only alternatives we are able to realise. But it does not have to be this way, we want to support you in learning how to cope with stress in a healthy way.

Our goal: learn to cope with stress, live longer and healthier and increase performance

Actually, stress is a natural reaction of the body to pressure or voltage changes. In moderation, stress can even enrich our actions and enhance our performance . Too much stress, however, can be dangerous and cause among others chronic diseases. Especially complaints that seem trivial, such as back pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, tension and headaches can be signs of too much stress. The initiating stressors are varied and individual. Therefore it is extremely important to recognize the symptoms of stress, to expose stressors and to take measures to protect the mind and the body from the negative effects of stress.

Our practice specializes in identifying and resolving the dangers of stress. The focus of our philosophy is prevention and with it the chance to promote health. If we manage to uncover together with you your individual stressors and stress, we can preemptively reduce the risk of disease.

By means of an integral stress testing we objectify your actual stress level and expose your stressors and your regenerative ability based on measurements during your everyday life. This process is a holistic and scientific saved instrument to detect systemic causes of fatigue and loss of power. The integral stress test provides through the collection of biographical (neuropsychological question tests), biochemical (determination of stress hormones) and biophysical data (long-term HRV measurement) the basis for the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of chronic stress and its sequelae.

This diagnosis can be extended with special laboratory parameters that show the degree of stress to the individual cell (mitochondrial function, nitrosative / oxidative stress) and can identify their causes.

Furthermore, it will be analyzed individually , how you can live a stress-free and healthier life while you can improve your performance . The aim is to reduce stress and to improve the own resilience towards stress . Even small steps can lead to improvement - you can also choose to profit from an individual coaching with one of our cooperation partners.

More information regarding integrals of stress tests can be found here: Integral Stress Test

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